ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – March For Our Lives


“It is the beginning of a Movement, it is a Moment in our lives”, she said.

And the beautiful young woman began again to weep.

As each student took the stage and voiced their demand, and demand

it was, for these children were very passionate about gun violence and

gun law. Determination that gun laws had to change and they made plain

what they wanted.

To begin with they want the age to buy a gun to be twenty-one. The

assualt-rifles to be illegal for the public to own for they are a weapon of war.

The magazines in a semi-automatic rifle to be of less amount, and full

background checks.

There were marches in many large cities in the USA and in other parts

of the world. There were survivors from Sandy Hook, Columbine, Las

Vegas, Orlando, Aurora, Tuscon, and New Town. All kinds of gun violence

victims survivors marched, met each other, and supported each other.

The Parkland Student Survivors wanted change and they wanted

it now!

Demanding laws be changed, when they weren’t, they

suggested what to do, “Have town halls and invite your Senators

and Represenatives. If they won’t come, invite their opponents, then

They will come”.

Survivors came to voice their pain, demand change, support each other,

and to say, “This is the beginning of the Revolution”. Vote!

School Seal at MSD

Janice Fox-Henley

To Write In Site Content Or Not?

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Choosing Site Content to write my post in today was a great choice!

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I know What came next, it was the old manual typewriters!

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The electronic typewriters were surely special,

But they had to step back for here came the computers!

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