My Wealthy AffilIate/To Be An Affiliate Marketer

I am learning I can and I prefer to study to be an Affiliate Marketer with Wealthy Affiliate University in the privacy of my home and then pursue this career online at home.

Affiliate Marketer home alone with computer


My Wealthy Affiliate/To Be An Affiliate Marketer

Home Alone Affiliate Marketing

I have learned to do my Affiliate Marketing in the official way, as online marketing. Home alone at my laptop computer, Tablet, or phone, I am able to pursue my career as an Affiliate Marketer. I have little social interaction with the public except through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

With Social Anxiety Disorder being one of my primary limitations, I need to avoid social occasions. One of the main problems of a person with SAD is the anxiety of knowing you can’t bring yourself to interact with strangers.

Studying the Training at Wealthy Affiliate University is just the thing for a person who prefers being alone. You avail yourself of a university level education in Affiliate Marketing in the privacy of your home.


My Wealthy Affiliate

To Be An Affiliate Marketer

My goal is to have a future in affiliate marketing. So to be an affiliate marketer, I am studying at

Wealthy Affiliate gives you a university level affiliate marketing education that you can use many ways. As I study the variety of ways I can use my education to earn a profit, I am amazed. From selling products on my website, which is the first thing I thought of, there is also building the websites themselves and flipping them.

You are taught how to build a website in the first “Training Course”, which is FREE. That is in the Starter Membership.

With each new course of studies, I am made aware of new kinds of money-making opportunities open to me! In the first of “Affiliate Bootcamp”, one studies how to get referrals for Wealthy Affiliate itself. With affiliate links and banners provided for you, the real work is already done!

 Learn To Make Money Online With Wealthy Affiliate

When you read other member’s blog pages you see how they are using their education for wealth making opportunities. To be an Affiliate Marketer means wearing many hats and doing many jobs, thus earning money in several ways online.

From one end of this online university to the other, you find a litany of educational opportunity. If you want to learn to make money online, your best chance of learning how is with Wealthy Affiliate. Here we study website building, finishing, and adding products with ‘reviews’. We are taught what ‘reviews’ are, and how to do them.

As I study and learn more about making money online, I will be back to write more. I have a Yearly Membership with Wealthy Affiliate so I am not going anywhere else.

I am learning I can and I prefer to study to be an Affiliate Marketer with Wealthy Affiliate University in the privacy of my home and then pursue this career online at home.

Thank you for reading my post about anxiety and working online at home!

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January 1, 2019

Natural Remedy For Anxiety


Natural Remedies For Anxiety                                               

After years of being treated with narcotics and other prescription medications to little or no relief, I see some physicians are now advocating for the treatment of natural remedies for anxiety! This disturbed me, for some doctors are further saying that the effect of prescribing narcotics and other prescriptions, has been to make a fair amount of the population addicted! Now I can tell you I have found relief for anxiety and pain in some products. 


We know we have a medical crisis in that a great proportion of the population is addicted to opioids. They have been prescribed for pain relief, and some people have become addicted. Then with no doctor to help them, the opioids are obtained by illegal means. Now you can have a legal way to take yourself off of an opioid, without untoward suffering.

I had been taking an opioid legally by prescription since April of 1990, and I started stopping them in June 2018. I was firmly addicted to opioids by prescription, but for the Grace of God I could have been hurting and begging or stealing for my habit alone!

Five natural remedies in one

So what is the answer for those of us that need help with our anxiety? There are answers, I am pleased to say studies are being done, and some have completed. There are supplements that have been tested and have been tried by very many people.

One group is selling a product I want to try. It has five natural ingredients, and I know them very well. I have tried the natural substances before individually, but never mixed together. I know it would be less expensive to take one remedy rather than five.

This is June 2018 UPDATE   Buying and using the Herbal Five In One Remedy I found it did even better than it said. Redicalm truly helped me through a very difficult time. I didn’t know until after it was over the doctor told me he would have had me do it in the hospital. He assured me the dangers of body reactions was a serious health risk! 

Herbal Five-In-One For Anxiety

There is a product that is fairly new to me but has actually been around for a while. It has helped me and I want to tell everyone about it. When I stopped taking Diazepam (Valium), I needed some real help for my anxiety. I read up on it, ask people I trusted, and then bought me some of this herbal remedy. I did feel a measure of TRUE RELIEF in about 45 minutes or so, and then as I continued to take it I remained with a measure of calmness.

Of course, if I find it has value to me I will write about it soon, and I am going to start selling some products on here. Having long thought about this, selling a few products I can recommend seems the sensible thing to do. For if I find value in them, you may also.

Medications – Natural Remedies

Long ago before I started taking medications, I tried various home remedies, and I found them quite useful. After I started taking medications for other diagnoses, I took the medications the doctor prescribed for anxiety. Recently I have quit one of them, and the other one is soon to go. I have to discuss this with my doctor at the next visit.

Whichever you choose as an adult, it is up to you and your doctor to decide. Medications or natural remedies there is value in both. And you have to decide what you can afford. My insurance pays for prescribed medication, but not for natural supplements or remedies. It is of value to me that it not be addictive, very important to me, and the natural remedies are not addictive.

Clean Water Is A Natural Remedy

Something that is good to know is it is always an excellent idea to drink all the clean water you can drink. At every stage of my life, and caring for my elderly in-laws, I learned you can never drink too much clean water. Water helps one heal when there are wounds, and when there are pulled muscles, again it heals.

When I learn more, I will share with you.


Update:  February 6, 2019, Further posts tell of my first experiences with CBD Oil from CBD BioCare Herbal Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil. I consider the effect of the CBD on my anxiety to be nothing short of phenomenal.

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CBD Oil, Pain Rub, Skin Care Product

CBD BioCare Herbal Drops

Update:  February 6, 2019, Further posts tell of my first experiences with CBD Oil from CBD BioCare Herbal Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil. I consider the effect of the CBD on my anxiety to be nothing short of phenomenal.

Thank you for reading along with me!

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Wealthy Affiliate Training


Wealthy Affiliate Training

Wealthy Affiliate Training is the most amazing given their members in affiliate marketing. I have found the very best place to receive a quality education in affiliate marketing! Wealthy Affiliate takes you from computer skills to earning money, and gives you training every step of the way!

The teachers are exceptional, as the Co-Founders, Kyle, and Carson are the primary teachers. Kyle and Carson began Wealthy Affiliate and they remain the heart of it, for they demand kindness of all their members.

Then there is Jay Neill, who is also a top-notch teacher, and he is in charge of the Live Video Presentation division of Wealthy Affiliate Training. There are countless expert training producing people at WA, but these three cannot be surpassed.

Constant Training – “Live Chat” 24/7

An unusual place for constant training, without gossip, is “Live Chat”. Any Premium member can go to “Live Chat” 24/7 and there will be several people there who will answer their questions. In a truly kind and Pay-It-Forward way, questions are answered with no bias. My favorite part of WA!

Usually, you will find you receive two answers to your questions! Read closely, and don’t leave too quickly for someone will give you an answer, and someone else, or that same person, will point you to one or more Wealthy Affiliate  Training Videos about what you ask!

Training Courses or Affiliate Bootcamp

There are two special routes of training at Wealthy Affiliate that are primary to all others. One is the “Training Courses” that take you from filling out a paragraph about yourself to graduation!

The other is “Affiliate Bootcamp” and it is just what it says! Between those two lines of training, and the others you learn more than you ever thought you could, for it is truly a university level education!

First Training Course Free

The Starter Membership is where Wealthy Affiliate sets itself apart from all the others. It is Free! You are invited to go through the First Training Course and learn how to build your own Website. Without Charge! You get to try what Wealthy Affiliate has to Offer for Free!

You are given a choice at the end of the first Training Course! Do you want to stay at starter membership without all the tools available to those with full membership? Or do you want to join Premium with Wealthy Affiliate and have full membership and all the tools that go with it?

Full membership you have sampled for seven days, so you know what the offer entails! Most serious affiliate marketing students know what they need, and want to move forward!

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Training

Training on a level you did not know was possible for you is now available! The WA Training Courses will meet you right where you are. If you have a question, you can Private Message your teacher or you can go straight to “Live Chat” and ask your question!

It takes approximately three minutes to get two answers! Usually, you get a spoken answer and a click through answer about training on the question you ask. Could you ask for more? This is excellent training!

Please click through and check out a Starter Membership!


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