Cause & Treatment For Anxiety

I will stick with CBD oil and other CBD Products. CBD is legal and sold online and in some stores now.

 Oils Are A Natural Remedy

Cause & Treatment For Anxiety

I just read another instant cure for Anxiety, well, not all of it, I didn’t pay the $47.00 to be told all the miracle cure for 3/5 of the civilized world! I wonder if I would have tried to pay for it if they had asked for more? Or if they had asked for less? I couldn’t see anyone selling something that priceless to so many people for $47.00? Can you?

So why do we waste our money on things like this? And we do! Every day hundreds pay hard-earned cash for another Instant Cure! And another well-meaning somebody who thinks they have the answer or some con-artist who knows they don’t have the answers, but they are willing to peddle it anyway, sells the latest idea to conquer anxiety once and for all!

No Instant Lasting Magic Cure!

The last one I read that promised a CURE, INSTANTLY, cost $67.00 and I didn’t pay for that one either!

There are no instant cures, for there are two main causes for ‘anxiety’. The first is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Two main chemicals support your comfort level, and when they are not in balance, you will become anxious sometimes without any added stress. This is the mental disorder type of anxiety that requires medication and therapy.

Another cause of ‘anxiety’ is PTSD and Complex-PTSD, for they lay the foundation for many ‘anxieties’. Sometimes you will have a ‘trigger’, caused by the event. Usually, you won’t.

Prescribed Medication – Medicine From Your Doctor

For many years I listened to my early teachings and used only natural remedies for my anxiety, and I did well. As I grew older and life grew more stressful, at the age of thirty-nine I started seeing a doctor. Yes, he was a neurological-psychiatrist, and I stayed with him for nineteen years, until he retired at the age of eighty.

The doctor prescribed medications for me, and I took them. I trusted him, and he had no reason to do me harm. In those years he was right to me as he saw it. The doctor was good as I saw it too until he left and I had to watch my medication more closely.

Medication from a doctor means ‘you have to have a prescription to get it again’, which is fine if you have a steady doctor and you and he/she understands each other. If you lose your steady doctor for some reason, and your medication is a narcotic, and you are addicted from taking it for a number of years, you are in trouble.

Try calling up a doctor and saying, “I need a prescription for this narcotic because I am addicted, and my doctor retired. I will tell you what happens. You are told to, “Go to the ER and tell them exactly what you told me”. The fourth psychiatrist office I called set an appointment for me in seven weeks. My Primary doctor gave me enough medication to make it until my appointment with the new doctor.

Natural Remedies To Help With Anxiety

At my introduction to psychiatric medicine I learned, I am hard to sedate and difficult to treat for anxiety. So when you leave off the narcotics and take natural remedies for yourself, be wise and find a teacher in the herbal remedies.

Know it is not easy to find the right herbal remedy to begin unless you have a guide.

Holistic or Fundamental Medicine Doctor

A Holistic Doctor or a Fundamental Medicine, M.D.,  with good reputation are two of the best choices for help. Very often vitamin and mineral supplements can replace natural elements that are lacking, like Serotonin.

It is RELAXING  for me to have a cup of chamomile tea when I feel stressed or anxious. Try your teas with honey instead of artificial or processed sugars for the sake of your health.

I suggest you should always talk to your doctor about your herbal remedies so she/he can tell you if they will mix well with your other medications and your body conditions. I can’t take very much Kava Kava because I have liver problems. Kava is hard on the liver. Do you know the condition of your liver?

I wrote in the Spring of 2018 that Kava was hard on the liver, and then learned in the Summer of 2018 that studies had actually proven Kava was beneficial to the liver.

Each herbal remedy has it’s intended purposes and limitations. I am going to suggest to you one natural herbal remedy that I used to treat the anxiety that overwhelms my everyday life and leads to anxiety attacks I can’t control. The natural remedy I can truthfully say I use is Redicalm by Nutreance for it is the mixture of five herbal remedies that have served me well in the past. Redicalm comes packaged in handy capsules to be easily taken without worry about measurement.

The Ease Of Taking Natural Remedies

Gone are the days when taking natural remedies meant potions and powders! Difficult to measure and hard to understand, unless this was your calling or profession, and you were willing to devote years to the training in herbs, potions, roots, and many beneficial organic substances.

In the store in capsule form, many natural herbal remedies are available now. Redicalm is in capsule form and all that is needed is for the dosage to be decided. Long ago I took natural herbal remedies instead of prescribed medication and now I take both. I have chemical imbalances for which I need medication to help me until I can find natural herbal remedies to fully take care of me. Believe me, I will be very happy when that day is here.

CBD Oil A Natural Herbal Supplement
CB OilBioCare Products

I am using CBD oil now, 1000mg. 4 drops under the tongue every 6 hours for a week was my serving size. It is a natural, herbal supplement grown organically and pesticide free in the United States.

CBD oil is a product from the Cannabis Sativa Hemp Plant a form of cannabis. The CBD has no psychoactive components and doesn’t cause you to become high.

Some people use the THC side of cannabis, but I have enough obstructing my clear thinking. So I will stick with CBD oil and other CBD Products. CBD is legal and sold online and in some stores now.

Four months off valium

Today my serving size is 5 drops at 6 am and 6 pm of the 1000mg CBD oil daily. Tuesday I began my second week on 1/2 a pain pill every 6 hours. I am not using the Redicalm right now.

I am still off of the Diazepam (Valium), and it has been about four months since my last one on February 25, 2018. It was a rough three and a half months but the CBD oil is taking away the cravings and the tremors. Maybe it will do the same with the pain pill withdrawals, I certainly pray so! I am well pleased with the way it has taken care of the anxiety!


When coming off of drugs you have become addicted to, it is a good idea to do it under the care of a good physician, but mine wants me to come into the hospital. Then go off all medications, and that includes psyche meds. Now I am sixty-seven (67), and I have not been off of psyche meds since I was thirty-nine (39).

I have been in the hospital and been denied them for two or three days, and found out how I feel, and I don’t like it without medication. I have been diagnosed correctly and I have Bipolar 1, and I am properly medicated. I definitely don’t want to go through withdrawals and medication deprivation at the same time!

Thus follows, I will watch my blood pressure, drink plenty of liquids, and try to keep my medications down. Take the CBD oil and pray and come off of my pain pills which are opioids.

Thank you for reading along and please leave me a comment if you could?

Children Need To Learn

Children Need To Learn

We know children need to learn, and now we know children need to learn to cope with stress and anxiety. From the time of awakening and dealing with whatever are the family problems, to the problems they face during the day, children are very aware and coping with the difficulties around them.

To getting ready for their transportation for school, and parents must ask themselves, “What are our families problems of which our children are aware?” Be aware, children are intuitive, and usually know about problems in the family before anyone else. It threatens them, and they react.

The family’s problems are one set of awareness of stresses our children deal with every day.

First of course, are the personal self-awareness conscious thoughts, the child has from the moment it is fully awake. These involve one’s thoughts of oneself and peer thoughts, and even very young children have girlfriends and boyfriends about whom they are very serious.

Some children start at a very young age having thoughts and feelings about the opposite sex. They don’t call it the opposite sex, they say they want a boyfriend or a girlfriend. There is even so much peer pressure to have a boyfriend/girlfriend.








Active Shooter In School Drill

In the way you and I had “Fire Drills”, against the day we might have a school building fire. Our children today are having “Active Shooter In School Drills”, against the day they may have an active shooter in their school! This, they say very calmly. But with a touch of fear in their eyes, and they looked at me as if to ask, “Do you really hear us?”

I heard them! From eight to sixteen, and they go to school every day and carry this burden. The school year was almost over and I had not heard one complaint about not wanting to go to school. What about in the homes where this stressor was too much, or a child who had anxiety and this was a ‘trigger’ for them? Our children learn with more stressors than we had to cope with when we were children learning.

Children Need Respect – Of course Love, But Respect First

If you are helping a child cope with his/her anxiety, the first thing they need is respect! As long as children are given the proper amount of respect for his/her person, their emotions, their thoughts, and the children’s soul and Spirit; no one has to interfere with the care of the children. A respected child is ready for normal love to surround and comfort the children in the daily battle against our minds, emotions, and body, and souls and Spirits; that hits when anxiety slaps us around!

Do you think a child is so different from the adult in this? They are not so different, they need respect!
Respect their bodies, they will not be harmed on purpose! Except by evil people!
Respect their minds, they will not be harmed on purpose! Except by evil people!
Respect their souls and Spirits, they will not be harmed on purpose! Except by evil people!

When children are bullied at school or camp and they have a foundation of love and respect at home, they are so much stronger. Thinking themselves to be “important to the family”, they can fight with a stronger hold on their personal dignity. In this instance, a child or teenager is not swayed to think little of themselves.

As important as this is to a bullied preteen, it only increases in importance to a teenager. Seemingly disinterested in the families’ opinion they hold it dear in their heart of hearts.

Social Anxiety Disorder in Teenagers

At this time I want to make a point of discussing Social Anxiety Disorder in Teenagers. SAD is so widespread we must look at it, discuss it, hopefully, decide what we can do about it.

Anyone with Social Anxiety Disorder, be they six, sixteen, twenty-six, forty-six, or sixty is coping with a distrust of their own worth to others. You can try to help them believe you love them by telling them you love them, and when they frown, know they are feeling not lovable. Here you tell them you love them again. If this is your child, you will do it! If you love this person, you will do it.

When you meet a teenager with SAD, you will notice he is not wearing tight clothes, she is not wearing tight clothes. They can’t stand tight clothes, or will tell you “they are most uncomfortable bound up”!

If their anxiety is very high they are having problems with headaches, stomach aches, and several gastric problems. Some may already have stomach ulcers.

By the teen years or younger, they may be self-medicating if the anxiety is high. I would encourage a young person who has no one to help guide them to check with their family doctor. He or She is your best first help.

Medication Or Herbal Remedy

I suggest you don’t take more than one medication, and very carefully check the side-effects! As soon as you can, learn what herbal, natural remedies you can take for your anxiety. Easier on your stomach and your liver!

There are excellent soothing teas that send calming messages to every part of your body.

Remember gentle reader that herbal remedies have their bad effects, too. Kava Kava has to be handled carefully if you have an enlarged or diseased liver. (July 2018 Note: Since writing this I have learned a great deal of work has been done, and Kava has been proven to be good for the liver.)

One thing that is almost always good for everyone, prepared properly for each, is green tea! I know sometimes it has to be stripped to sugarless, made with sterilized water, but it works for almost everyone! I am shy to say, everyone because there is always the exception to the rule!

There is one thing good for everyone and that is fresh clean water! Drink as much water as you can comfortably drink every day!



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