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Cannabis plant family

There is a wonderful thing that is available to us now, and I really don’t know how long it has been there, legal and for sale. But I wish I had found out about it sooner for it is proving to be a real blessing to me.

First of all, it is from the cannabinoid plant family, and if you didn’t get that, it is cannabis. That’s right, the same plant from which we get marijuana!

The cannabis plant family gives us TCA from which we get marijuana, which is inhaled by someone who wants to get high. It is illegal in many states and countries. This is also medication for many people in several states in the U.S. by prescription for a variety of illnesses.

Now they have legalized and processed a form of CBD as a medication, it is called Epilolex and is for epilepsy.


The cannabis plant also gives us CBD from which we get cannabidiol oil, which is legal and for sale online and in some stores, in all fifty states, and many countries. When I discovered CBD Oil, I studied it. Then I studied the companies that presented themselves to me. I found CBDBioCare.com to be the company I wanted to promote as an affiliate. So I purchased some oil for myself tried it and began selling it online.


Here is where I tell you the best thing to do is check with your chosen healthcare provider before you take a natural herbal remedy. 

Severe Withdrawal From Opioid Use

I was taking the pain medication and I couldn’t tell about the relief from pain. I had to wait, I could take the time to let the pain medication leave my system, and then take it and see what happened? And I can not take the pain medication from my system all at once for it is an opioid and it would cause some disasters in my body that I have been informed about.

The withdrawal side effects of opioids are severe anxiety, nausea,  diarrhea, other flu-like symptoms, and I can’t remember all that is supposed to happen! For this reason, I must slowly withdraw from it. I am hoping to use the full spectrum CBD oil to withdraw from the opioid, and I am still in this process for it takes a couple of months to do it without suffering.

I am hoping the CBD will help me not have the severe withdrawal symptoms. Here again, I must tell you what works for me may not work for you and you have to check with your own healthcare provider about what you do and do not take.

Severe Anxiety From The Opioid Use-CBD Is Needed

In researching what may happen when I stop taking the opioid pain medication, I was informed severe anxiety is a symptom of opioid use! Thus, the anxiety I have been taking medication for, that I had to begin with, has been complicated by the opioid use! The anxiety that has become steadily worse through the years has been complicated by the pain medication I thought was safe for me.

Off One Narcotic – Diazepam

This is June and in February I took myself off of Diazepam, which for those of you who don’t know, that is Valium. It has not been easy, it was a battle, and not one of my doctors offered to help me since it was my decision. Diazepam is the safest, most commonly prescribed drug for anxiety. Valium was the safest and most commonly prescribed drug for anxiety in 1990 when it was prescribed for me, and I think it still is today, but read on!

Diazepam should only be prescribed for short-term use or for where it doesn’t matter if there is an addiction, like with the terminally ill. This was one of my anxiety medications for 28 years, from the age of 39 years old to the age of 67 years old. Do you see a problem here? Anyway, I stopped taking it, February 25, 2018.

I am very happy when I talk about three dates, and I know this makes me sound very selfish and self-centered!  January 6, 2014, the day I had my last cigarette, With a slip-up or two none after the first month!. February 25, 2018, the day I took my last Valium/Diazepam. Thank God! And Coming Soon! The day I take my last pain pill! With the Lord’s help, so I pray and take CBD.


Now is when I remind you again that what works for me may not work for you. We all have individual systems and medical needs that only we and our chosen healthcare provider know about.

Herbal Supplements For A Healthy Life

The main herbal supplements that helped me with the battle while I was leaving Diazepam behind me was Kava and Redicalm. Beware of Kava if you have anything wrong with your liver. It is very hard on the liver and is always advised against using it unless your liver is healthy. Only your healthcare provider can tell you about your liver. You may need tests ran. You may already know you have liver problems.

Redicalm is the fairly new mix of five primary herbal remedies and it is a very good supplement for stress and anxiety. In February, Redicalm was the best product I knew of for anxiety, and it was what helped me through a very difficult time.

Being time for real help without a prescription and keeping it all legal, I am ready for both! I want help where I am not dependent on someone else’s decision or pen. I am looking for help without dependence on other people, for it is time I put to work all I have learned all of my life.

Physician’s Power Pen

I am very happy, in fact, I am amazed by what CBD oil is doing for me. From taking it the first time and feeling my stomach lose that hard knot that severe anxiety gives you almost immediately, to the slow but steady relief in my pain, I am very well pleased!

Thank you for reading along with me. I will write more tomorrow. Be well.

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