Oxycodone And Risperidone Withdrawals

 Mestinon For Myasthenia Gravis

Oxycodone and Risperidone Withdrawals

Oxycodone and Risperidone withdrawals are involved and not fun. The symptoms of long-term addiction and withdrawals are similar and in some areas, they overlap. I was on opioids and Risperidone for 28 years, so I know I am addicted to the opioid. I know it is putting me in withdrawals from Risperidone because of the length of time of use.

The CBD serving size I am taking each day is 5 drops twice daily of the 1000mg. So far it is handling my anxiety and with the Lyrica and Mestinon, it taking care of my pain also. Mestinon is much more than a pain medication for it is my primary medication for Myasthenia Gravis. I need for it to be taken as ordered for I must protect the needs of my body where the MG is concerned.

Risperidone (Resperdal)  

Further Withdrawal Symptoms For Risperidone

A bad temper is not usual for me, as I usually don’t feel well, and don’t have the extra patience for nonsense. Being Bipolar 1, it has been a long time ago since I gave myself permission to have a disagreeable temper! About seven days ago I started being angry, and I didn’t know why? But I was ready to get angry about anything, from a nuisance phone call to an imagined slight.

A bad temper takes a lot of energy that a Myasthenia Gravis patient doesn’t have. I check further on the drug interactions with my medications and found there was a contraindication for Seroquel on Marijuana due to its antipsychotic properties. I realized there was my problem with Risperidone, and when it came time to take it that day at 6 pm, I chose CBD and said, no more Risperidone.

CBD BioCare Oil 

CBD Will Meet My Antipsychotic Needs

Tonight is the 5th night of no more Risperidone, and close to the end of the 3rd week on the CBD. It is the second-week ending tomorrow night of coming off the opioid Oxycodone. I am taking 1/2 pain pill 6 am and 6 pm with pain controlled better than it was at a whole pill every 6 hours. I am amazed! I am not forgetting the Lyrica and Mestinon, but they were also in place all along.

Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil 

I have the flu-like symptoms of upper respiratory infection and gastric problems, cramping, and diarrhea. My anxiety is much better and I am convinced CBD oil is doing its work for me! So far no confusion, delusions, nightmares, or mania. In the next year, I will see if I am in for an episode of mania or if age and CBD will meet my antipsychotic needs.

As I Withdraw From Oxycodone

As I withdraw from Oxycodone, I am staying on Lyrica and CBD as my primary inflammation medications as they are working extremely well. Lyrica has been my inflammation and pain medication for Fibromyalgia for several years so I know I tolerate it well. CBD is new to me but it is in there working even better than I could I have expected.

Mestinon and Meclophenlomate are taking care of the Myasthenia Gravis and my eyes are still symptom-free.

Last Oxycodone Yesterday Morning

Yesterday morning, I took 1/2 Oxycodone as I had been taking for the last two weeks. Last night at 6 pm I didn’t take 1/2 an Oxycodone, it just seemed like it was time to let them go. I prepared myself for a long night, an increase in diarrhea, in nausea, in pain and in general discomfort. Instead, I went to sleep early.

I awoke at 1 am in no more than uncomfortable pain and took my midnight medications, Lyrica and others. I am confined to my bed or recliner by the Myasthenia, but I think it would be much better if I could get up and do something. I would like to clean the house or go outside and work in the yard.

Before Oxycodone Withdrawal

It is not hard for me to remember the bone searing pain I woke up with three weeks ago. It was horrible and it was regular as clockwork. I had to make myself move just enough to take a pain pill, and then lie there for about 45 minutes before I could move and get up and go to the bathroom.

What changed was CBD oil! Taking CBD oil drops I no longer woke up in pain in the extreme. As my pain lessened, I thought there is hope for coming off of the opioid Oxycodone. I had been on an opioid for twenty-eight (28) years, and with the extent of my pain, I saw no way of coming off of it.

More Oxycodone Withdrawal

4:40 am in the morning and my pain level is very much in a comfort zone.

I went to sleep. Here I woke later in the morning with flu-like symptoms and started Blogging on NaturalRemedyCBD.com

Thank you for reading along with me! Please leave me a comment if you wish!

I will be Blogging here while I change the type of pain medication that I use. With the basic pain medication being Lyrica, the one I take for my Fibromyalgia, as it is not an opioid.

Here is where I tell you that any advice implied on this website is only for informational purposes. What I tell you about my health applies only to me. Your body and system are different and you need to see your healthcare provider before starting or stopping any medication.

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CBD A Natural Herbal Remedy

CBD oil is a natural herbal remedy made from the part of the cannabis Hemp Plant that does Not make you “high”, but helps me with anxiety and pain.

CBD Oil Is A Natural Herbal Remedy

CBD Oil is a natural herbal remedy made from the part of the cannabis plant that does not cause a person to become high. This part of the plant is called the Hemp and it was made available to us by the Farm Bill Passed in 2014. The Hemp plant grown for CBD BioCare is organically grown, pesticide free.

The cannabis plant has been used by tribal healers throughout the centuries, in Greece, Egypt, and China. When we look further we see it being used by doctors in the U.S. up to 1937 to treat general practice ailments in families.

In 1937 the cannabis plant was banned and scheduled a Class 1 Drug making it a felony to use it as a medicine, even making it difficult to do research on the medicinal capabilities.

CBD From The Hemp Plant – Cannabis

Some researched enough results to find the plant has eighty cannabidiols in its system and one of THC which causes the high that is derived from ingesting it. CBD is the one that does not cause a high, can be retrieved from the Hemp plant, was legalized with the Farm Bill of 2014 and is the one that I use and sell.

In January 2018, I had two months of prescriptions for the narcotic Diazepam (Valium). I had been on the narcotic since April 1990 and that is twenty-eight years, so I had no doubt I was addicted.

I truly wasn’t aware of all of the withdrawal symptoms until I got off of it. Between the Fogs of Diazepam, Oxycodone, Myasthenia, and Fibromyalgia Fog, I wasn’t really all there! And the blank stares, memory loss of petit mal, temporal lobe epilepsy left me staring into space.

It is not good to mix a narcotic with an opioid, but we are told to so many times and I did for so many years.

No More Diazepam (Valium)

I did what I could with the mind I had, and the minor control I had over my medications. My prescription by this time was 5mg. Diazepam 3 times a day so I finished January as prescribed. When February began I took 5mg. of Diazepam twice a day, morning and evening for two weeks.

Then the 3rd week I took one 5mg. every day at noon, and continued the same the following week until the 25th.

On February 25, 2018, I took my last Diazepam (Valium). The battle then began for me, and a battle it was! My anxiety was totally out of bounds even though I had a basic medication on board for anxiety.

Adding Holy Basil Root to my vitamins, because it is a wonderful supplement. Then I added something new that I had found and knew good things about because it was Redicalm, and it is one herbal supplement that is the blend of five herbal remedies all five I know very well.

This helped me, but for the opioid withdrawal and pain relief, I am so excited about the way CBD oil is helping me. I will keep writing, more tomorrow!

Image CBD BioCare Bottle Oil For Anxiety

Image CBD BioCare Bottle Oil For Anxiety

Here is where I remind you that what works for me may not work for you, and I am not a medical professional and cannot tell you that an herbal supplement will diagnose or be the treatment for anything.

The FDA does not approve or recommend any herbal supplement for any symptom or disease. Any implied advice on this website is for informational purposes only.

I will be Blogging my story here and on my other blogs as I change my pain medication from an opioid to the Lyrica I take for the Fibromyalgia nerve pain and neuropathy.

This Site is ‘Coping With Anxieties’ so I need to keep up with your need for help to cope with your anxiety! I have given you CBD Products, Aromatherapy, and PanicAway. I want you to take PanicAway very much to heart because it has helped me through some real learning times!
Thank you for reading along with me!

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