Common or General Anxiety

Grounding with your five senses is something you do when you choose and costs nothing! This is one of my tools in Coping With Common or General Anxiety.


Common or General Anxiety

Common or general Anxiety resulting from prolonged Stress, a startling occurrence, or anxious thoughts is not different from the more pronounced Types of Anxiety such as Social Anxiety Disorder in symptoms. Common Anxiety’s treatment stages are different though; moreover, its cure rate can be higher!

Many Anxiety sufferers live most of their lives only hearing they must “Treat the Symptoms” of Common or General Anxiety! When with a small amount of help and work a cure is possible!

Barry Joe McDonagh

About two years ago I signed up for emails from the International Panic Attack Coach Barry Joe McDonagh. From the first, I read them diligently, saw their value, and how wise the words in them were!

Barry understood the anxious thoughts constantly attacking my mind! I had tried to tell therapists, even psychologists before about these messages. Never had I been given an answer before! Please read the Article by Barry on this subject more than once, in fact, take notes!

I will be offering more Articles by Barry Joe McDonagh for I know you will appreciate them.

Anxiety presents symptoms and you then decide how to treat the symptoms.

In the beginning, you don’t have a diagnosis so you don’t know which Type of Anxiety you have. In fact, most people for a long time are in denial. Not accepting they have Anxiety, some people simply claim nerves or stress!

Nerves, Stress or Anxiety

With nerves, stress, and any Type of Anxiety you treat the symptoms. First, seek to cease the cause of any kind of stress you can as soon as possible! If the stress is your mate, child, or parent, then ceasing the cause of your symptoms is not likely!

Next, begin with simple, deep-breathing exercises to restore calm.

If trying to breath differently, makes you more upset, breath how you please! Some people get stopped right here by not being able to do breathing exercises. And, it is not important! If something else works for you, that’s well and good.😊

Try a drink of water. The simple act of taking a drink of water can calm us. Sometimes we miss the simple cures or helps because we overlook them.

Act of Grounding

Connect with your five senses and ground yourself to the here and now. You want what is, not what has been, or what might be!

First, what do you hear? People…Cars…Talking…I hear a loud television!
Second, what do you smell? Something good…Been raining, I smell my little wet dog!

Third, what taste do you have in your mouth? Have you eaten recently? What do you taste?
Fourth, what do you see nearby you? Someone Special…A bright color…a cat’s face?
Fifth, What are you touching or what touches you?

When you concentrate on the present, the “what ifs” of later, and “what happened before”, are not in charge. The future and the past will part for the present!

The act of focusing on the present with your five senses is an amazing Grounding Tool that serves as a valuable therapy for Common or General Anxiety, Social Anxiety Disorder, and other Types of Anxiety.

Grounding with your five senses is something you do on your own, when you choose, and costs nothing!