Baby Boomers Going Through Opioid Withdrawals

How many Baby Boomers are going through opioid withdrawals now? To know this, you would have to know how many Baby Boomers were taking opioids for medication or a high?

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Baby Boomers and Opioid Withdrawals

How many Baby Boomers are going through opioid withdrawals now? To know this, you would have to know how many Baby Boomers were taking opioids for medication or a high?

I wonder how many of us started on medication for an injury, or illness, and became quickly addicted?

One point to think about is that Baby Boomers make a majority in the population. So are we a majority of the opioid crisis?

1957 Chevrolet Dream Car
1957 Chevrolet Dream Car – Note: I thought Baby Boomers might want to remember this car! 

I was taking prescription opioid Hydrocodone 7.5, Vicodin twenty-eight years ago.

As late as 1990, they instructed physicians that pain pills of this strength and type were non-addictive!

Addiction Treatment For Opioids

STAT Daily Recap (An online newsletter I read every day) wrote that Richard Sackler, of the Sackler family that invented Oxycontin, had been granted a patent for addiction treatment for opioids. 

The patent, issued earlier this year, January 2018, concerns a new formulation of buprenorphine, one of the medications shown to help people with opioid addiction.

QUOTE Reporter Andrew Joseph:  September 7, 2018 “Fatal overdoses from prescription painkillers quadrupled from 1999 to 2013, when they killed more than 16,000 people in the United States.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has labeled the spike a “public health epidemic.”

Congress and state governments are scrambling to fund new prevention and treatment programs as the opioid scourge spreads from drugs like OxyContin to heroin and fentanyl.” END QUOTE. 

If Purdue Pharma knew this in 2013, why did they lie to us?

Someone I respect was pleased to hear there was new help for opioid addiction from this source. My friend has a great deal of forgiveness in him for this family.

All I have to say is they should surely know their product and how to counteract it, after all, they own it.

Physician's Power Pen
image of prescription pad and pen

Never realizing I was addicted to Oxycodone until the time came to put the opioid aside. It was an eye-opener to me.  They prescribed Hydrocodone 7.5mg. for twenty-four years, then 10mg. for two more years, then Oxycodone for 10mg. for two years.

Being never without a prescription for the drug, but I was constantly terrified the doctor wouldn’t sign or call in the script.

Addicted To Opioids

So every month I had to call the nurses’ line and leave a message for receiving my pain pills, and every month I held my breath and threw up for two days before I called.

Taking the narcotic Valium and the opioid, I still ended up with a stomach ulcer before I was forty and stomach surgery in my fifties.

For several years I had wanted to come off the narcotic and opioid, Diazepam and Oxycodone, but I was dependent on them for anxiety and pain relief and help.

I was a prescribed user of them both for twenty-eight years. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Off the Narcotic Valium

In February 2018 I got sick and tired of begging for Diazepam (Valium). By lessening the dosage slowly over time I took myself off of it.

To help with my anxiety, I took the herbal supplement Redicalm. Being able to purchase Redicalm without a prescription was to me a gift.

I further strengthened my anxiety fighting herbal supplements by using Holy Basil Root which is a cortisol strengthener.

It is now September 2018; I am narcotic free, and I have been fortunate to stay clean of any Diazepam (Valium).

CBD Oil and Anxiety

As the anxiety continued to be a problem, I was still looking for some stronger relief. A friend showed me to CBD Oil I began to learn about it.

Finally, I got to try some, and then I was so pleased to purchase some CBD Oil of my own.

In quiet was so thrilled to use my CBD Oil and receive true relief from anxiety.

That was on July 2, 2018, and I received more than anxiety relief. It was soon apparent that I was on the way to some pain relief! I am taking Lyrica for nerve pain from the Fibromyalgia and Myasthenia Gravis.

I thought I needed the opioid Oxycodone for pain relief, too, but I don’t.

And then I realized with the CBD Oil I was receiving enough pain relief to come off the Oxycodone. I started to plan my opioid withdrawals.

I talked to friends who had gone through withdrawals, remembered the narcotic withdrawals, and searched for withdrawal symptoms.

Endocannabidiol System and CBD Can Help

Image of bottle of CBD BioCare oil

CBD OIL Anxiety and Pain Relief

Symptoms Long-Term Opioid Use

I found out severe anxiety, and severe diarrhea are symptoms of long-term opioid use. So, I was sure, the twenty-eight years of opioids and I have severe anxiety and diarrhea, unto having Colitis. 

And the Ulcerative Colitis I was being treated for may be opiate caused severe diarrhea. There go three more strong medications I will not have to take anymore!

Baby Boomers Coming Off Opioids?

After checking with my friends and neighbors I knew one thing was clear. We Baby Boomers are as split as we were during the Viet Namese War and Equality Marches of the 1900’s.

Some of us became addicted to narcotics or opioids or both. Yes, we have been of the majority of the population both in numbers and in pain pill use.

I learned it wasn’t always an opioid but sometimes an anti-inflammatory or narcotic.

We are a varied group. In that for some the ideal was to live without any drugs of any kind.

Then again, many took each and every drug and medication that was offered through the years. So that addiction waited to ensnare the unwary.

I know Baby Boomers who have remained highly medicated all their lives. They, have reached their seventies without addiction.

Some began with drugs in their twenties and continued with various types of medication all of their adult lives. Surprisingly. some    Baby Boomers have escaped addiction.

Baby Boomers Are Going Through Opioid Withdrawals

Sadly, this is the fate for some Baby Boomers, but for the majority, it is opioid, narcotic or alcohol addiction. For except for the ones of us that lived drug-free, we are a drug using generation.

The Baby Boomers put their talents into inventing and developing drugs and medications. At the same time we were delving into the drug scene as we came of age.

Now some Baby Boomers are coming off opioids and having opioid withdrawals. Some Baby Boomers are coming off narcotics and having narcotic withdrawals. They are about the same, but differ in intensity.

Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

Some Opioid withdrawal symptoms are listed below:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Hot and Cold Chills
  • Fever
  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • Fluctuating Blood Pressure
  • Cardiac Event
  • Coma
  • Death

Five weeks ago I went through a mild case of opioid withdrawals. Mine was mild because of CBD Oil being part of my onboard arsenal of help to go through withdrawals.

I broke my Oxycodone 10mg in half each dosage for two weeks. Then I cut the dosage further, then stopped it by the third week in July 2018. Withdrawals didn’t begin in earnest until I was taking just one-half Oxycodone a day.

So I used Four Drops of the 1000mg. CBD Oil every six hours during the worst of the opioid withdrawals. CBD Oil helped me have a time I could tolerate.

I would not want to go through it again. Although it was not as bad as I was warned, and I thank goodness for the CBD!

CBD oil for anxiety.

Thank You for reading along with me as I tell you my story!

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Here is where I remind you that I am not a medical professional and I am only telling you what works for me. Anything I write is for informational purposes only.

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12 thoughts on “Baby Boomers Going Through Opioid Withdrawals”

  1. It’s unfortunate that so many baby boomers are going through this. Withdrawal symptoms aside, it must be Hell knowing that something they’ve been using for so long has so many affects that they never knew about when they first started using opioids. Though the “days of the hippie” are gone, some prescribed medications include the very thing the baby boomers are withdrawing from.

    1. Dear Beauty In A Maze, yes, that was my point! I kept hearing about the opioid crisis, then realized I, and a lot of people I knew, were taking opioids or narcotics! I am sixty-eight and never abused the drug, just took it for all those years for pain control. We are now helping our children and grandchildren off of the drugs while we are on them. It is a serious problem in our world today, and we have to deal with it with love one person at a time! Thank you for your thoughts, Janice👌

  2. Great post and good info.

    Indeed, lots of babyboomers are “addicted” to the opioid things, which in my opinion, is not so good.

    It could cause lots of health problems, and it is good you mentioned some alternatives for it.

    I think doctors have to tell more to these people about the long term risks, and what they can do to prevent it, or just simply put that CBD oil!

    Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Thank you for your thoughts Emmanuel, and your right it’s not so good! Some doctors don’t know what else to prescribe, and some are pressured by their patients into prescribing something they would rather not. When one of my doctors heard how much my CBD oil helped me, she was glad and said she would rather suggest CBD than hydrocodone. Thank you again, Janice😃

  3. Thanks Janice, for sharing your journey through opioid withdrawal. I am curious though, before you started using CBD Oil, you gradually withdrew from narcotics and switched to herbal supplement to help with your anxiety. Will the CBD oil be as effective to someone who hasn’t taken these steps yet or is it important to go through this similar process you went through? Thanks 

    1. Thank you Samson for your insightful questions about herbal supplements! I have used natural herbal remedies all of my life as my Great-GrandMother was a Cherokee Indian woman with great healing gifts. CBD is from the Sativa Hemp Plant and is a treasure! It gives us the healing properties of the cannabis plant without the psychoactive effects. If you use CBD oil, you very likely won’t need anything else! All my best, Janice 😃

  4. Addiction is real. When I was working as a mental health nurse at a veteran’s clinic, I was on the receiving end of the desperate-sounding phone calls for opioid pain medications and benzodiazepams. Having been on Klonopin for a while myself, I understood the anxiety of not having that medication for anxiety and sleep issues. Thank you for providing your information on alternate ways to alleviate pain and anxiety!

    1. Shannon, as a mental health nurse you know far more about it than I do. As the months passed I learned I had been narcotic addicted and opioid dependent. I moved away from both, only to return to the sparse use of vicodin. My pain specialist said I was not addicted, I had been opioid dependent. I know I was physically addicted if not mentally or emotionally. I am Bipolar 1, so without a lifetime of experience I would be totally confused. My neurologist told me I am terminal due to the Myasthenia Gravis, so It makes me wonder. CBD is an all time favorite for healthy relief without side-effects. Thank you, Janice😃

  5. Hey there,

    thanks for the article! I’ve found it to be very informative and exciting, I’ve learned a lot of new thigns today! I was pleasently surprised to discover that CBD oil is effective at treating Opioid withdrawals due to its strong pain and anxiety relief abillities, great stuff! I knew that CBD has such characteristics to relief pain and anxiety, but I couldn’t imagine that it was so strong to combat pain and anxiety while having Opioid withdrawals. Keep up the great work  and stay strong! 

    1. Evald, From the first time I used CBD to now I have been amazed at what it can do. I did find out from my pain specialist she said I was opioid dependent not opioid addicted because I didn’t have the mental and emotional cravings. I know I was physically addicted and CBD helped me have mild withdrawals, not no withdrawals! CBD is definitely the anxiety and pain reliever we have been searching for regular maintenance. Thank you for your words of support, Janice✌

  6. Hello there. I hope you are having a good time with the season. Thank you for sharing this post. CBD Oil is the number when you want to get relief from anxiety. I heard about it some couple of weeks ago and the testimonials about this Oil is too good to be true but it’s for real. I’m still learning about it anyways. Good to know you got relief with it.

    1. Thank you, Barry, for your thoughts about CBD Oil. Yes, CBD is the best for anxiety and pain, by itself, or with other herbal supplements or medications. I find it is a wonder as a foundation supplement for anxiety and pain! I appreciate you taking the time to tell me what you think. Have a great season, Janice👌

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