Coronavirus Exists and Is A Killer

Coronavirus exists and is a killer. During the first wave of the Spring of 2020, at this time approaching two-million cases world-wide, and some will die.

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The Corvid-19 Coronavirus exists and is a killer. I am writing this Post during the first wave of the Pandemic of 2020 in the United States. Today we realized the Coronavirus had killed over 20,000 Americans!

At this time there are approaching two-million active Coronavirus cases world-wide! I shudder when I think of some of the circumstances people are having to battle this beast, some with help, and some alone, all suffering!

The People of China seem to have weathered their first wave of this flu-virus and have come out of “Stay At Home” wearing nose masks! Makes sense to me! I’m making a mask for the people in my family. 🤗😷

Canine Coronavirus & Feline Coroavirus

Healthy Dog and Cat
British short hair cat and golden retriever

There is a Canine Coronavirus and a Feline Coronavirus, please remember, they DO NOT get each other sick. Only a cat or other Feline can catch Feline Coronavirus from another cat. The same is true for dogs! Only a dog or other Canine can catch Canine Coronavirus from another dog.

If you get your cat and dog its annual shots, then your animal has been receiving its coronavirus shot. If you need more information about why there is no human and cat or dog transmission of this deadly virus, Follow this link…

Remember, people DO NOT catch Feline Coronavirus or Canine Coronavirus, and dogs and cats DO NOT catch Corvid-19, Human Coronavirus. See Update Below.

UPDATE MAY 1, 2020

At this time the numbers are One Million Cases of Corvid-19 in the United States tested!

We have now over Sixty-five Thousand Deaths from Covid-19, the first-wave of the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic!

I learned disturbing new facts concerning Corvid-19. Nightly News and CNN News have reported animal contagion with human Corvid-19. There have been reports of two Bengal Tigers, three Housecats, and one Family Dog diagnosed with Corvid-19.

I saw the interview with the couple with the Family Dog diagnosed and they both had symptoms with the Family Dog close to them and then he got sick. The people advised if you want your dog to stay safe if you get sick, don’t be in their faces. Good advice, simple, not extreme. Love your furry friends!

Corvid-19 Exists and so Do Anxious Thoughts

Facing a real world-wide Pandemic, you have to know, Corvid-19 exists and so do anxious thoughts. Many of us have not dealt with “anxious thoughts” before, but then we’ve never lived during a Pandemic before!

I’m not going to give you examples of “anxious thoughts”, but if you wouldn’t like it on your brothers’ mind, why allow it on your own? Barry Joe McDonagh wrote an extraordinary article on “AnxiousThoughts” and doing away with them!

I lived with an “anxious mind” full of “anxious thoughts” for many years of my life. It hampered me and was debilitating, but mostly it was just miserable to live in my mind! Fearful of small things, paranoid about some important things…I was paralyzed when I had to make a decision!

Years of growth and observation proved to my mind that these “what if this happens” thoughts did not materialize! They were only part of my active anxious imagination!

Barry Joe McDonagh

Barry Joe McDonagh’s most excellent article “End Anxious Thoughts In 4 Easy Steps” was of a great deal of help to me! When you ask, you can receive email from him that are so good, they are a gift for your mind and an enemy of any anxiety.

Barry, an International Anxiety and Panic Coach has a way with the written word whereby he teaches and calms. There is an interesting website for his DARE Program!


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3 thoughts on “Coronavirus Exists and Is A Killer”

  1. Hi

    At the present moment, the coronavirus has not reached its peak and the number of cases continues to increase. This is a virus that can attack anybody but in particular, those who are fragile, vulnerable and have serious health conditions, the problem is that you must take it seriously and remain indoors as much as possible to stop the transmission as possible. This virus has no favourites and anybody can be next. You must do everything as possible to stop its spread, wash your hands and keep social distancing. Pets will not have to worry, although they can help those who have anxiety issues.

    I have heard that vets have said that the virus can be spread from humans to felines, but this is rare and that cats should remain at home as much as possible to stop spread amongst cats. Worrying times.



  2. If you ask me, I would say that living in anxiety is uncalled for. This is because anxiety does not change situations positively, rather, it worsens situations.

    It is advisable for one to always do anything good to keep himself or herself happy and to always stay safe as regards the corona virus pandemic which you mentioned.

  3. Hi, Fox Henley.
    Thanks for sharing the information on Corona Virus and its current situation. The world is facing the challenge and still far away from the cure. Anxiety is very natural under these conditions and I can relate with you at this part of the world. I would definitely check in Barry Joe’s web page to get some cooling words. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

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