To Write In Site Content Or Not?

Where to write? Go to Site Content, and get used to all the goodies, that comes with it?

Or write in WordPress like I usually do and count on what WordPress has to offer?

I really don’t know all about Site Content as I have only begun to study it,

And have only written a few pieces into Site Content?

I don’t know about half of its goodies! I am looking forward to learning about Site Content

And writing in there, as well.

Wait a minute! I forgot about Word!

I haven’t written in there since my last template, but wait,

Site Content is full of Templates!

So many choices, when once a writer only counted herself lucky,

if she had a pencil or pen and some paper with which to write!

We are surely blessed!

Choosing Site Content to write my post in today was a great choice!

It will check my spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure, wow, that is a lot!

Not something one pencil and a piece of paper could do!

I know What came next, it was the old manual typewriters!

Then there were the electric typewriters, and finally the electronic typewriters!

The electronic typewriters were surely special,

But they had to step back for here came the computers!

This clearly needs an image!

I can see one is provided in concept, and I will happily retrieve it!

Yes, there is a need for two images!


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