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Panic Away

Common Anxiety – General Anxiety

General and Common Anxiety may expect a cure with the right help today. No longer do we have to live a lifetime with the full-effects of Anxiety. Now there can be a great deal of symptom relief.

If you have General or Common Anxiety, you may have severe symptoms of High Anxiety. These symptoms may be like those of the Types of Anxiety that are Disorders or Illness. Know that what’s going on in your anxious mind is causing your fearful symptoms!
Some of these Symptoms of Anxiety are:

  • nausea
  • dizziness, lightheaded
  • shaking, trembling, quivering
  • palpitations, rapid heartbeat
  • pectoral muscle spasm
  • shortness of breath
  • confusion
  • hands or feet numbness
  • see spots or lights
  • fainting, temporary unconscious

If you do go from ‘nausea’ to ‘unconscious’, then your anxious mind would no longer be in control. At that point, your body’s involuntary system would take over and it would return to normal and you would wake up!

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

All Types of Anxiety may present Anxiety Attacks. High Anxiety can produce Panic Attacks!

Some people have several Anxiety Attacks on any normal day, yet only two or three, maybe none, Panic Attacks during their lifetime!

For anyone living in a state of High Anxiety, life can be uncomfortable. With the help of a few things to relieve, or even cure the Anxiety, life can be much better!

After a lifetime of medication and therapy, I found CBD Oil and PanicAway, which are my goto helps! CBD Oil gives me relief I have found nowhere else without sedation. I don’t want to take a narcotic for Anxiety anymore.

Time for Panic Away

Now it’s time for the PanicAway program by Barry Joe McDonagh, an International Panic Disorder Coach. I signed up with his website and received the Free Audio Tape

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